Selected Journal Articles

2013   The Long Intervention: Continuity in the Balkan Theatre

2012   Introduction: Methodology and the Study of State-Building in the               Western Balkans

2012   Can We Measure Legitimacy?

2011   Serbia’s Transition: Towards a Better Future

2010   Featured Review of Blue Helmets Black Markets by Peter                           Andreas

2009   Shifts in Global Security Policies: Why They Matter for the South

2007   Does Kosovo’s Status Matter? On the International Management                of Statehood

2007   Do the Root Causes of Civil War Matter? On Using Knowledge to                Improve Peacebuilding Interventions 

2006   The Paradox of ‘State Failure’: States Matter; Take them Seriously

2005   Construire l’État: légitimité internationale contre                                          légitimité nationale?

2005   Economic Aid to Post-Conflict Countries: A Methodological                          Critique of Collier and Hoeffler

2004   Enhancing Cooperation Against Transborder Crime in Southeast                Europe: Is There an Emerging Epistemic Community?

2001   Humanitarian War: A New Consensus?

2000   Kosovo and the Region: Consequences of the Waiting Game

1999   A European "New Deal" for the Balkans

1999   Should We Think Before We Leap? A Rejoinder

1999   Failed States: Warlordism and "Tribal" Warfare

1997   Bosnia After Dayton: Year Two

1996   Genocide or Partition: Two Faces of the Same Coin?

1993   Yugoslavia: Divide and Fail

1992   The Tyranny of Time: Eastern Europe's Race to the Market

1989   Reforming the Socialist State: Ideology and Public Finance in                    Yugoslavia

1987   Editor's Preface, Symposium on Trotsky’s Revolution Betrayed:                  Fifty Years After

1986   Orthodoxy and Solidarity: Competing Claims and International                    Adjustment in Yugoslavia

1977   "The Freedom of the People is in its Private Life": The                                  Unrevolutionary Implications of Industrial Democracy

1977   From Revolution to Post-Revolution: How Much Do We Really                      Know About Yugoslav Politics?

Selected Book Chapters

- The Ideology of Failed States -

"Words matter, especially in politics and policy where they signal importance and frame how to think about an issue, but also in academic research, where they are more often called concepts-the vocabulary necessary to develop and test explanations of real-world phenomena."


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2013   The Political Economy of Peacebuilding and International Aid

2012   The Bosnian Paradox: On the Causes of Postwar Inequality and                 Barriers to Its Recognition and Reduction

2011   State-Building for Peace-Building: What Theory and Whose Role?

2011   Varieties of State-building in the Balkans: A Case for Shifting                     Focus

2010   Soft Intervention and the Puzzling Neglect of Economic Actors

2009   A Case for Shifting the Focus: Some Lessons from the Balkans

2009   Measuring State Failure/Weakness: Do the Balkan Cases Fit?

2008   Panacea or Public Debate?

2008   The Security Council and the Wars in the Former Yugoslavia

2004   Transatlantic Harmony or a Stable Kosovo?

2002   In Whose Interest Is Security Sector Reform? Lessons from the                 Balkans

2002   Economic Priorities for Successful Peace Implementation


2002   The Political Economy of Ethno-nationalism in Yugoslavia

2002   On War and Peace-Building: Unfinished Legacy of the 1990s


2001   Compromised Sovereignty to Create Sovereignty: Is Dayton                       Bosnia a Futile Exercise or an Emerging Model?


2000   War: Building States from Nations

2000   Costly Disinterest: Missed Opportunities for Preventive                                Diplomacy in Yugoslavia, 1985-91

2000   Upside-Down Policy: The U.S. Debate on the Use of Force and the             Case of Bosnia

2000   Violence-Prone Area or International Transition? Adding the Role              of Outsiders in Balkan Violence

2000   The Kosovo Crisis: A Spectrum of Perspectives

2000   Diaspora, or the Dangers of Disunification? Putting the "Serbian                Model’ into Perspective"

2000   Bosnia and Herzegovina

1999   Bosnia after Dayton: Transforming a Compromise into a State

1999   Bosnia and Herzegovina: How Not to End Civil War

1997   International Aspects of the Wars in Former Yugoslavia 

1996    The West and the International Organizations

1991    Soviet Rehearsal in Yugoslavia? Contradictions of the Socialist                  Liberal Strategy

Other Publications

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2016   Keynote Address on Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans

2007   Can Democratic Elections Solve a Civil War? The Case of Serbia and Kosovo

2007   The Kosovo Quandary: On the International Management of Statehood


2007   Is Democracy Possible in the Balkans? On Preconditions and Conditions in                   Bosnia, Kosovo, and Serbia

2006   On the Problem of the Post-War State and the Need for a Doctrine of Do No                    Harm

2006   Peacebuilding and "Failed States": Some Initial Considerations

2006   The Actual Problem of the Post-War State and the Policies of International                   Assistance: The Need For a Doctrine of "Do No Harm"

2006   Institutionally Fragile States: Fragile States, Prevention and Postconflict:                       Recommendations

2005   The Inequality of Violence: On the Discovery of Civil War as a Threat to ‘the                    North’ in the 1990s and the Debate over Causes and Solutions

2004   Fragile States

2004   State-building Operations: International vs. Local Legitimacy?

2004   Peace Operations-The Civilian Dimension: Accounting for UNDP and the                       UN Specialized Agencies

2004   Issue Note: Summary Report, International Policy Dialogue on Development                  Policy and the Armed Forces

2003   "Crossing the Line" Symposium on The Relevance of Comparative Politics for               Public Life

2002   Local Governance Approach to Social Reintegration and Economic Recovery in             Post-Conflict Countries: The Political Context for Programs of UNDP/UNCDF                 Assistance

2002   From a "Problem" to a "Model,” a Report to the Strategic Roundtable and                       Workshop on Governance Transition

2002   Economic Priorities for Peace Implementation

2002   Make Haste Slowly in Assistance for Afghanistan

2001   Can the Åland Example Bring Peace to the Balkans Today?

2001   Milošević Who? Origins of the New Balkans

2000   Security and the Stability Pact

2000   Albanians and Their Neighbors: Unfinished Business

2000   Strategic Conflict Analysis: The Moldovan Case Study 

1999   Transitional Elections and the Dilemmas of International Assistance to Bosnia             and Herzegovina

1999   Evaluation of the Kosovo War

1999   Pledges of Aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina

1999   Evaluation of the Western Bosnia Rehabilitation Programme 

1998   A Debate about the Future of Bosnia: Avoid Another Cyprus or Israel

1998   The U.S. Perspective: Transition Postponed

1997   Foreign Policy Flashpoints: Bosnia

1996   America's Bosnia Policy: The Work Ahead


1996   Remarks from Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the American Society of                International Law

1996   Remarks from "Healing the Wounds: Refugees, Reconstruction and                               Reconciliation" Conference

1995   Mopping Up: A Foreboding Victory in the Balkans

1995   Time for a Post-Mortem on Bosnia?

1991   Yet Another Round of Quarrelsome Balkan Behavior